Would you pay a hundred thousand pesos to see a movie on a platform?

The new version of the Disney movie ‘Mulan’ was set to be one of the most important releases of the summer, but the pandemic was delaying its arrival in theaters and studio executives were very nervous to remember that the investment was close to the 300 million dollars.

While the movie theaters remained closed and the date was running more and more, in the end the studio decided to release it on its Disney + platform on September 4, but accessing this film will have an additional cost of $ 30, compared to the monthly payment. that you pay to have that service.

If we took it to our reality, that means that seeing the movie would cost about 113 thousand pesos.

For now Disney + is not available in Latin America, it would possibly arrive in November of this year, but the turn that this production took is interesting, since it could mark the path of films that have not been able to exploit their potential at the box office of cinemas .

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Although some fans have protested the high price of the film on the platform, Mulan could be an example of success, but he also risks not covering his production costs in that new broadcast space.

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