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The expansion of COVID-19 has turned the film industry upside down and in Hollywood, from where the fate of the global box office is controlled, they are divided between those who bet on indefinite delays to play safe in commercial theaters and those who they are trying to find new ways to get movies to the public. Although that supposes a price to which we are not used. Walt Disney Pictures caused a major stir within film distribution when it announced that ‘Mulan’, one of the most outstanding films of the year, would be released directly in ‘streaming’ through its Disney + platform at a price of 21.99 euros. Pay twice as much as in a commercial theater to watch the movie in your living room?

Pricing still divides users and traditional displays are fuming. And in that context, ScreenRant has just published a screenshot that could confirm when ‘Mulan’ will be available at no additional cost on the platform, a fact that, without a doubt, could affect the decision of many users. According to Disney + in the UK, where it also opens on September 4, the film will be included in the catalog just three months later, on December 4. It is a normal procedure that users of platforms such as Movistar + or Amazon Prime Video will be familiar with, where the option is given to pay more to see the premiere movies for rent and some time later they end up being included as one more title in the catalog, without more cost.

neither in the United States nor in Spain, and it is hard to believe that this has been a deliberate announcement considering that there are only a few days left for its premium premiere. It is not a piece of information that benefits them, but it is a logical piece of information, since that step from renting to the catalog is common on streaming platforms. From there, everything will depend on the desire that users have to see the new flesh and blood Mulan, in an adventure directed by Niki Caro and starring Liu Yifei.

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