‘Mulan’: the first blockbuster with a world premiere in ‘streaming’

In order to access the film, in addition to being a subscriber to the platform, an additional $ 29.9 must be paid in EE.

The moment that many waited for and that exhibitors feared has arrived: ‘Mulan’, the reinterpretation of the animated classic from the 90s, will arrive directly on the digital platform of its production house, Disney +. For now, it is confirmed for the United States and Europe, where the film will skip its passage through theaters.

The expectation was high regarding what would happen to one of the great films scheduled to be released this year and which has undergone innumerable changes and delays in its release date, which was scheduled for March. If there is a clear lesson that this pandemic leaves us, it is that nothing is written.

Disney’s decision is considered a risky maneuver from several perspectives: the economic one, since we are talking about a blockbuster that cost more than 400 million dollars and that could not reach the necessary impact for its recovery, and for film distribution, in the sense that the industry would witness a change in the way films are released. For moviegoers it is a relief to finally be able to enjoy the story of this young warrior who bet everything for her family and her country. Starring Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen and famed martial artist Jet Li, ‘Mulan’ is a remake of the 1998 animated original now developed by the studio with live actors.

“’Mulan’ may have been around a long time ago, but the character and her actions reflect a current woman; especially young Chinese women today. What ‘Mulan’ represents is much more related to today’s world and the way people think today, “explains executive producer Bill Kong about what the audience will experience.

The film will have its world premiere in the United States and Europe on September 4 on the Disney + platform, with exceptional technical qualities such as a picture in UHD-4K quality and with ‘dolby surround’ sound.

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